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School children learn about Rail Safety

Over the last 2 years Northern's community’s team have been engaging with young people from inner-city Hull and the Wolds Coast to raise awareness of rail safety due to the high number of trespass issues in the Hull area. This has been hugely positive and has helped to inspire young people such as the NCS Hymers students to work with local schools to support other young people in their community and a partnership has been developed with Pearson primary school.

One of Northern's drivers - Fiona Moss kindly put herself forward to get involved with this initiative. As an experienced driver at the Hull depot, she was acutely aware of the value of engaging with young children to raise awareness of rail safety.

Northern decided to use one of their lightly loaded services as a mobile classroom with Fiona acting as a teacher for the day and she delivered a real time learning experience on Hull Station and on the train to Bridlington.

The feedback from the school was fantastic from both teachers and students. Such was the impact of Fiona she was persuaded to spend a second day with children and particularly girls at the school to talk about her job as a train driver and read a new book that Northern have provided the school 'My mummy is a Train Driver'.

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