About the Yorkshire Coast Community Rail Partnership (YCCRP)


The main objectives of the YCCRP are :


1. To increase passenger volume and income.

2. To keep down the cost of running the line now and in the future, without compromising safety or service.

3. To involve the local community more closely in the development of its railway.


A community rail partnership, (CRP), was formed to promote the Hull to Scarborough route in 1996.


There have been CRPs organised by supporters of various lines up and down the country for many years, and in every single case, there has been measurable success in achieving the objectives outlined above.  For example, passenger numbers on the Norwich - Sheringham route have increased by 197% since the 'Bittern Line' partnership was set up in 1997.  Decades of decline have been reversed locally with the Hull to Scarborough route recording a 42% increase in passenger numbers over the first three full years that the CRP became fully active, (2003-2005).


The YCCRP consists of a  group of representatives from the Lead partners, local businesses and organisations and individuals who meet monthly to ensure that projects are being driven forward according to the action plan , which sets out exactly how words and money will be turned into practical benefits, through initiatives such as:

· Improved active local and regional marketing programme

· Themed trains and station events / galas

· Station adoption

· Better signage, lighting, facilities, CCTV etc

· Cycle facilities


The CRP will stand or fall on the amount of participation it achieves. If you or your group now feels inspired to become part of this project, please join the CRP today.  Download a membership form here

Community Rail Humber


Community Rail Humber is a company which oversees & helps the YCCRP & BCCRP with their projects, events & marketing. 

Barton Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership (BCCRP)


Community Rail Humber Ltd also supports the BCCRP in promoting services on the Barton upon Humber to Cleethorpes Line.  This is  a DfT 'Designated route' & has special status in the field of community rail.  They can be contacted via the Chairman, Mike Gathercole, at: mikegathercole@aol.com

Lead Partners


Northern Trains Ltd (Northern)

The train and station operating company, they give the partnership financial and non-financial support.


Transpennine Express


Hull Trains

Supports and sponsor publicity events in association with the partnership.

Community Rail Network (Formerly ACoRP)

North Yorkshire County Council

Scarborough Borough Council

ERYC (East Riding Yorkshire Council)

Hull City Council

Network Rail

DfT -  Rail

CHEF (City of Hull and Humber Environment Forum)

East Coast

Hull & E. Riding Rail User Group

Barton Cleethorpes community rail partnership